Semliki National Park

The forested Semliki national park an isolated slice of Ugandan territory beyond the Rwenzori mountain on the broad floor of the Albertine Rift valley. It predates the last ice age and links with the Congo- Guinea biome.(Congo's huge Ituri forest)

The park is particularly exciting for bird watchers with 441 species, 216 forest species, and 80 Central African species found in few, if any other forests in East Africa.

Black dwarf horn-bill, shining blue kingfisher, Nkulengu rail, and yellow throated nicator are just a few random highlights cited by the park's experienced guides.

Nor will the primatologists be disappointed either, an astonishing 15 primate species can be found within 6 km of the primeval hot springs that bubble out of the rift valley floor near the park's headquarters at Sempaya.