Tsavo National Park

It is one of the oldest parks in Kenya at 13,747sq km. Situated in a Faru Desert. The part was gazette in April 1948, and located near the Town of Voy in Taita. Taveta county of the former Coastal province. 

The park is a home to the abundant elephant, common giraffe, common hippos, buffaloes, zebras, wildebeests, black rhinos and a lot of bird species. 

One can find everything he needs to see in the park. Elephants are many in numbers but covered in red dust. It is also known for its big prides of lions and heards of buffaloes. Black rhinos have been on the comeback in Tsavo since the late 80's despite poarching in the recent years. Tsavo is a very good place to see the skittish leaver kudu. This is rocky terraine also good habitant to look for Kipspringers often found in pairs.

 Tsavo National Park is a home to 400 bird’s species. Ngulia hills one of the land park is situated along one of the world busiest avian migration routes. Bird ringers make annual pilgrimage to the park between October and January. Ngulia is the site of Africa’s foremost ringing project. More than 100 migrant and resident species have been ringed here. The park can be visited in the dry months from June to October and January to February. Although the park can be visited any time of the year, wildlife viewing can be done anytime.