Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park, located in south-western Uganda, occupies an area of 1,978 square kilometers and it offers a variety of wildlife. Queen Elizabeth National Park is the most popular tourist destination in Uganda. The diverse ecosystems within the park include savanna, humid forests, lakes and fertile wetlands; it is a perfect habitat for the big game (100 mammals), 10 primate species, including Chimpanzees and over 600 species of birds.

In the park one must visit the Kazinga Channel; here its banks are lined with hippos, buffaloes and elephants. Also the Ishasha Plains are a must; the famous tree climbing lions hide in the fig trees, ready to pounce on their prey. The Kyambura Gorge is home to the habituated chimpanzees, and the Maramagambo Forest is full of forest monkeys and birds. The crater lakes are home of the flocks of flamingos. Queen Elizabeth National Park is so diverse and one needs a few days to cover it all.

The activities in Queen Elizabeth National Park are extensive, the most popular being the Game Drives. In addition, there is excellent Birding opportunities, unique Cave Exploration, Hiking, Nature Walks, and Chimpanzee Tracking. Launch trips on the Kazinga Channel to see the hippos, buffaloes and elephants among others and a variety of bird species can be very exciting. Wildlife Research tours are available to participate in, as well as Cultural guided tours.