Kigali Capital City

Rwanda is often called the land of the thousand hills. While visiting this country, everywhere you look you will see the beautiful green hills. In Rwanda you can enjoy culture, nature, primates and the beaches of Lake Kivu.

Most popular park of Rwanda is Volcanoes NP, where you can track the gorillas, the golden monkeys or do different hikes in this dramatic, volcanic landscape. You can visit Nyungwe NP, one of the world's most beautiful and oldest rain forest of Africa or you can go for safari in Akagera NP on the border with Tanzania.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the unannounced and outrages increase of gorilla permits in Rwanda per direct from $750 to $1.500 we had to increase the prices

Please click here for the official announcement.

In most itineraries it is possible to change the gorilla tracking to Uganda instead of Rwanda. In Uganda the gorilla permits are $ 600 per permit ($450 in low season). Please ask our sales consultants for details.